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Tractor unit Mercedes-Benz Actros 1841 LS,4x2

Model Actros 1841 LS,4x2
Vehicle ID 114756
Year of production 2005
Mileage 547 000 km
First registration date 01.09.2005
Gross weight 18 600 kg
Payload 10 812 kg
Location Netherlands
  • emission class: Euro 5
  • power output: 408 hp (304 KW)
  • suspension: air
  • wheel base: 3 600 mm
5th wheel coupling,Jost,H=150 mm,manual lubricat., Adapter, 15-pin to 2x7-pin socket, AdBlue tank, 85 l, Air compressor, 2-cylinder, regulated, Air conditioning system, Air deflectors, rigid, cab side deflectors, Auxiliary hot air heater, Webasto Air Top 2000, Axle ratio i = 2.846 (HL6), Bed, top, one-piece, with bottom bed, BlueTec 5 (Euro 5), Comfort cab mountings, steel-sprung, Cruise control, Driver's comfort suspension seat, Grammer, Engine, V6, LA, 300 kW/408 hp, 1800 rpm, Floodlights, Fog lamps, halogen, Fold-up seat, velour, co-driver, Front apron, Front axle 7.5 t, Front axle offset, Front spring, 7.1 t, Immobiliser, with transponder, Labels/publications, Dutch, Main tank + aux.tank, left, 650 l/550 l, aluminium, Megaspace cab, Mudguard, 3-piece, without EC splash guard, Noise reduction measures, EC 96/20, Provision for fitting CB radio, Radio, Truckline 65/70, CD player, Rear axle H6, 13.0 t, crown wheel 440, Sign "L", night driving ban, Austria, Silencer, SCR cat. conv., medium, stainless steel, Speed limiter, 90 km/h, EC, Tachograph, 1 day + 2 drivers, modular, Tapered rims, 11.75x22.5, on front axle, Tapered rims, 9.00x22.5, Telligent automatic gearshift system II, Telligent braking system with ABS and ASR, Transmission G 211-16/17.0-1.0, Vehicle, for right-side traffic, Voith retarder, performance optimised, Voltage transformer, 24 V/12 V, 15 A, Weight variant 18.6 t (7.1/11.5), Wheel nut cap, Windows, tinted, without sun filter,

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Year of production 2005
Mileage 547 000 km
Emission class Euro 5