News. 08.02.2017

Krone Group builds new spare parts warehouse

The Krone Commercial Vehicle Group is currently busy with the construction of a warehouse on the European Route 233 in the German municipality of Herzlake. An 8,500 square metre building is designed to store replacement parts for all vehicles distributed by the Krone brand. The investment plan totals 8.5 million Euros. The exterior works are expected to be ready by April. The whole facility is set to go into operation in August.

Thus, the new Krone Spare Parts Logistics Centre will serve for storing of all replacement parts from the Krone Group product portfolio. Currently, it ranges from the proprietary Krone Trailer Axle, trailers, semi-trailers and superstructures to container chassis.

The choice of the site in Herzlake was determined by geographical reasons. The E 233 is favourable for the four-lane expansion. Besides, this location will contribute to shortening trip times, which is beneficial from an environmental perspective.

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