News. 09.02.2017

Scania intensifies representation in Thailand

Scania has chosen Thailand to establish there the brand’s regional headquarters. It will be directed at Scania’s distributors in Asia and Oceania to assist their business developments with regard to the market peculiarities.

Moreover, the Swedish truck manufacturer is expanding its industrial and commercial facilities in the country. First, it is decided to build a new assembly plant for trucks and bus chassis as well as for producing truck cabs. The total investment of the project is 21.2 million Euros and it will be carried out in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region. The operations are scheduled to start in 2018. Thus, the company will be able to quickly respond to customers’ demands in the region and provide the necessary transport solutions.

The second part of Scania’s strategic focus on Thailand involves increasing the number of the brand’s workshops around the country from the current 10 service facilities to 18 workshops by 2019.