News. 15.02.2017

German roads become safer with ABA 4

The German SiloNet Logistik GmbH has started to operate a new generation Mercedes-Benz truck, equipped with Active Brake Assist 4. The truck model featuring an updated safety tech is Actros 1843.

The Active Brake Assist 4 system (or just ABA 4) represents the modular unit, able to distinguish various obstacles occurring on the road. This refers not only to street posts, block stones and other motionless objects but also to cyclists and pedestrians, who suffer the most from running-down accidents. Having distinguished such vulnerable road users perilously close to the vehicle, the new ABA 4 produces the warning signals, and if the driver doesn’t take any measures, the system activates temporal inhibition.

But the biggest danger for cyclists and pedestrians so far is the so-called blind zones. They are primarily found at the vehicle sides. In this regard, a safe drive is protected by Sideguard Assist, which warns the driver by means of alarm lights and sound signals.

Original and reliable safety features, this is what Mercedes-Benz trucks are universally known and respected for. Apart from the already mentioned functions, the Actros 1843 driven by SiloNet is also packed with other digital assistants: Proximity Control Assist to keep a safe clearance between vehicles and Lane Keeping Assist to prevent an unintended deviation from the traffic lane.