Agricultural machinery

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It’s common knowledge that agricultural machinery is a driving force of the agricultural sector. Contemporary high-efficiency developments, which include information technologies, contribute to a significant increase in agribusiness productivity through automation and mechanization of all the performed operations.

Types of agricultural equipment

Agricultural machinery is classified according to the key agricultural sub-sectors: crop farming, cattle raising and forest harvesting. Each classification, for its part, features a proper group of special equipment, which is applied at different production stages.

Thus, the process of crop farming is arranged by the following types of agricultural equipment:

  • for soil tillage (plows, farm rollers, cultivators);
  • for sowing (various sowing machines and seed drills);
  • for crop tending (special irrigation and fertilizing equipment);
  • for crop harvesting (headers, mowers, harvesters of different kinds);
  • for post-harvest operations (conveyors, trailers, grain cleaners).

The cattle-raising production benefits chiefly from forage mixer wagons, milking machines and silo equipment.

As for the main transport means, which performs the majority of all the agricultural operations, it’s a tractor.

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