Potato harvesters

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Grimme GT 170 HE - potato harvester
54 621 EUR

Online: 2mo 24d

Rubarth Landtechnik GmbH

Germany, Lorenz Rubarth Landtechnik GmbH Herringsener Weg 1 59609 Anrochte-Altengeseke

ID AGS2001329

Kverneland UN 2600 - potato harvester
1 000 EUR

Online: 4d

Troostwijk Auctions

Netherlands, Parkweg 95, Beesd , 4153 XL

ID 6288708

Grimme DL 1700 - potato harvester
5 000 EUR

Online: 5d

eFarm GmbH & Co. KG

Germany, FR-80700 ROYE

ID 46618-4RRRZE8

Grimme BF400 - potato harvester
20 795 EUR

Online: 6d

eFarm GmbH & Co. KG

Germany, 20095 Hamburg

ID 46618-2EI3Z97

 VERLESETISCH - potato harvester
Ask for price

Online: 9d

Technik Center Alpen GmbH

Germany, D-46519 Alpen, Weseler Strasse 28

ID TCA2971173

Reekie AVR Dominant 3000 Aardappelrooier Kartoffelroder Potato Harvester - potato harvester
15 000 EUR

Online: 9d

Groenoord BV.

Netherlands, 9723JK Groningen

AVR Puma3 - potato harvester
10 000 EUR
Net weight: 24 000 kg
461 hp

Online: 11d

Troostwijk Auctions

Netherlands, Drieëndijk 1a, Heenvliet, 3218 LB

ID 6284967

Grimme SE 150-60 USB - potato harvester
59 000 EUR
650 h

Online: 11d

eFarm GmbH & Co. KG

Germany, 20095 Hamburg


ROPA KEILER 2 WD - potato harvester
Ask for price

Online: 14d


Netherlands, Haelen - Wijchen , Niederlande

ID 63121-LNH19093 - 28518

Bomet Siebkettenroder 1 reihig/1 row convoyer potato digger/Racoglipatate/Картофелекопалка 1-рядная Upus - potato harvester
855 EUR
Grimme Schwadaufnahme - potato harvester
800 EUR

Online: 17d

PALANDT Landmaschinen GmbH

Germany, 29525 Uelzen, Deutschland

Standen and Pearson PEARSON SP - potato harvester
7 025 EUR

Online: 20d

eFarm GmbH & Co. KG

Germany, 20095 Hamburg

ID 46618-PTAM6V8

Grimme DR 1500 - potato harvester
6 000 EUR

Online: 20d

LVD Bernard KRONE GmbH

Germany, 49716 (K)Rühle

ID 12529-10416

Grimme SE 150/60 - potato harvester
59 000 EUR
864 h

Online: 28d

LVD Bernard KRONE GmbH

Germany, 26906 Dersum

ID 12531-148125

Grimme GL 420 - potato harvester
28 000 EUR
368 h

Online: 28d

LVD Bernard KRONE GmbH

Germany, 48480 Spelle

ID 12521-91536

Grimme SE 85-55 UB - potato harvester
70 210 EUR
70 h

Online: 29d

AGRAVIS Technik Heide-Altmark GmbH

Germany, D-21337 Luneburg, Zeppelinstraße 32

ID UEL2937982

 Grimme GZ 1700 - potato harvester
Ask for price

Online: 1mo 3d


Netherlands, WIERDEN

ID 4253726

Grimme GL 34K - potato harvester
14 000 EUR

Online: 1mo 4d

LVD Bernard KRONE GmbH

Germany, 48480 Spelle

ID 12521-146157

 Potato Harvester to suit 3 Point Linkage - potato harvester

Online: 1mo 8d

Euro Auctions

Spain, Spain | Zaragoza

Grimme SE 150-60 SB - potato harvester
88 235 EUR

Online: 1mo 9d

eFarm GmbH & Co. KG

Germany, 20095 Hamburg

ID 46618-RAYIA3S

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Our range of used potato harvesters for your special needs

Potato harvesting is performed by special-purpose machines that lift potatoes from the bed by means of a share. Then, soil and crops are moved onto a range of webs to sieve out the loose soil. Afterwards, the potatoes are transferred towards the back of the machine, where they are separated and carried to a picking table (operated manually). People pick out the tops, stones and clods. Finally, the potatoes are moved onto a side elevator to get into a potato box or a trailer.

Types of potato harvesters

Potato harvesters come in a variety of versions that are distinguished by the needs of the end users. There are models that operate with a single row lift, others benefit from six-row lifting. Apart from self-propelled machines, there are small sized units trailed behind tractors.

An easy-to-use search of a potato harvester for sale is provided by this special catalogue of an international platform Truck1. We cooperate with reliable European dealers. A fine collection of potato harvesters from such leading brand as Grimme (and other manufacturers) is available online.

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