Best Tried & True Scania Trucks of the Last Decade

Best Tried & True Scania Trucks of the Last Decade

If one regards the world of trucks as the monarchy than the new generation Scania S-series truck is crowned for the 2017 reign by the prestigious International Truck of the Year Award. But as the king’s life is always full of challenges, the newly developed Scania truck will have to prove its worthiness through tough daily operations.

As of now, we offer to take a look at those Scania trucks, which has already gained much experience and well-earned popularity over the last decade. In case you were lucky to drive one of them, share your experience in the comments!

5. P380 8x4 Rigid


According to the manufacturer, the three main pillars of Scania P-series are manoeuvrability, speed and economy. The trucks are made lightweight to suit distribution operations (both urban and regional), yet tough enough to perform a range of off-road jobs. To cope with these tasks, the vehicles are equipped with high-torque engines and sharp acceleration.

And what do the drivers think on this matter? The verdict from those who make use of the P380 8x4 Rigid on a daily basis is that it is not perfect. But since perfection can hardly be attainable it would be more surprising if it was! Besides, the operators admit that this truck is a lot closer to the all-round excellence than its opponents.

Major specifications
EngineScania DC12 13 380 six cylinder, four valves per cylinder
Transmission12-speed Scania Opticruise automated manual, with clutch pedal for first and reverse

4. R560 Highline Prime Mover


Scania claims that the R-series trucks are ideal for long-haul operations as they were engineered to meet even the most demanding schedules. Another focal point is the outstanding comfort of the cabin.

If the first point is somehow questionable (as we’ve already mentioned a certain amount of scepticism about ideals), the second one is vividly true. It’s impossible to stay indifferent to the blend of comfort from leather and wood trim inside the cab. As for the operators, they approve of the offered safety level and share the convincing feel of the hydraulic retarder, which kicks in after just a quick dab on the brake pedal.

Major specifications
EngineScania 16-litre V8 with electronic fuel injection
TransmissionScania Opticruise 14-speed with Scania Retarder

3. G440 6x2 Prime Mover


Scania’s designers developed the G-range trucks to offer powerful and adaptable solutions for the necessary kind of work: from long-haulage and distribution to the toughest off-road applications.

The third-placed G440 truck may not be really optimal for long-distance line haul, but it is absolutely practical as a round-town and an inter-urban prime mover. From the experts’ point of view, the 6x2 configuration is the best choice for this mission. In comparison with a similarly loaded and driven 6x4 version, the 6x2 offers a fuel saving of about 12%.

Major specifications
EngineScania DC13 six cylinder with XPI High Pressure Fuel Injection and VGT (variable geometry turbocharger)
TransmissionScania GRS905R direct drive 14-speed transmission

2. R730 Streamline V8-Highline Cab


According to the International Truck of the Year Awards, the R-series is the most successful range in the Scania’s product line. The R trucks won the honours in 2005 and in 2010. Moreover, in 2012, the newly released Euro 5-compliant R730 became the world's most powerful truck.

However, this mighty workhorse is quite industry-specific. As it is known, battles are not won by strength alone. Still, the R730 Streamline V8-Highline Cab has gained enough respect from operators to be the vice-champion of the list.

Major specifications
Engine8-cylinder 16-litre V8 configuration with SCR
TransmissionScania GRSO 925R 14 speed automatic

1. R620 Streamline V8-Highline Cab


On the global scale, the Scania truck that has so far made the most sense as a heavy hauler is the R620. Despite its smaller size, the truck is driven by the same outstanding power unit as its big brother R730, though outputting less horsepower. But this is the case when being smaller means greater flexibility.

The specialists especially praise the gearbox mounted hydraulic retarder, which has the potential to be the best retardation on a European driveline. The Scania V8 drivelines are so powerful, yet smooth and quiet that it’s easy to forget just how fast the truck is going and how much work the truck is doing.

Major specifications
Engine8-cylinder 16-litre V8 configuration with SCR
TransmissionScania GRSO 905R 14 speed automatic


5d ago

For R550000, would i get good truck from scania?

4yr 2mo ago

G 440 allegedly having 12% saving capacity is more of a kabuki theatre explanation. it's 5-6 for low-loaded trucks in the very best case.

4yr 4mo ago

you gotta visit Netherlands to catch the Scania fever

4yr 4mo ago

Don't discount p models, but so long as scania coins most moderate-price heavy loading trucks, R430-720 will always reign suchlike selections. Rolling in cash is what makes difference esp. whilst comparing scania to Volvo FH 750hp and Mercedes Actros.

4yr 4mo ago

Still there's nothing better than scania r v8 line-up. P tippers are evidently are more driver-friendlier at least like heavy duty machines

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