Best-selling LCV models in Europe

The market for light commercial panel vans is packed with truly decent offers. All of the vehicles that were singled out for purchase in 2015 had already gained “the best status” according to this or that feature. And each of them has its own success story and has found its own niche. We’ve searched for the most popular delivery vans on the European market. And here they are!

10. Renault Trafic – 53,000


Renault is Europe’s no. 1 van manufacturer, as it produces more vans in Europe than any other company. The Renault Trafic is a great contributor to this success. This medium van boasts best-in-class load space. The same status is applied to the vehicle’s fuel efficiency, provided by a super-economical 1.6-litre diesel engine. So, it brings up the question: Why such an outstanding offer takes only the 10th position? The answer is that its payload leaves much to be desired.

9. Renault Master – 62,000


While this Renault van may lack some of the safety features of the competitors, its payload is so far unbeatable (in the category of 3.5t LCVs) – 1,684kg. The profitability of such an appealing feature is reinforced with an impressive 2.3-litre engine, which is rated as one of the most powerful and efficient units in this class. Also, the Renault Master is known for making the driver feel at ease. It offers a well-designed cab interior with plenty of storage space, providing lots of ideas for using the cab as a mobile office.

8. VW Caddy – 63,300


All the Caddy’s parameters follow the best traditions of VW light commercials. In the latest 4th generation, the mighty company designers managed to significantly improve such previously vulnerable features as safety and fuel economy. The same is true in relation to payload, used to be criticized earlier. As a result of thought-out correction work, the engineers had altered with the chassis to offer one of the best payloads among the lightest vans (1,080kg). Thus, the improved Caddy leaves very little to fault.

7. Peugeot Partner – 65,500


The Partner van is the product of the PSA Peugeot Citroën group alongside with the Citroën Berlingo. Despite the fact that the Partner’s sales are overshadowed by its very alike group mate, the Lion brand also has the reasons to be paid attention to. The brightest feature of all is the ride comfort. Regardless of being loaded or unloaded, this is a very smooth-riding van.

6. Renault Kangoo – 69,700


Launched in 1998, the Renault Kangoo has been and continues to be a popular choice among small businesses in spite of a really tough competition in the sector. Customers choose this Renault delivery van mostly for its low running costs that come from good fuel economy. Moreover, it bears the title of the cheapest small van for the price and the cost of the parts. But special praise is given to the Kangoo’s electric brother – Kangoo Z.E., which is the current top selling all-electric light utility vehicle. It’s ideal for urban use, accounting for quiet operation and zero emissions.

5. Fiat Ducato – 71,300


This representative of panel vans is considered to be an extremely capable machine. Its primary benefit is great payload. The Ducato is the result of a joint collaboration between the largest Italian automaker Fiat and its French partners, Citroën and Peugeot, that have their own versions of this kind of an LCV – the Citroen Relay and Peugeot Boxer. All three models share the same design, but the Ducato sports the lighter 2.3-litre Fiat engine and offers 40kg more payload.

Besides, the Ducato van is successfully used as a motorhome base and is recognized as the most common one in Europe.

4. Citroёn Berlingo – 77,600


The Citroen Berlingo is famous for being one of the most efficient vans in its class. Such a virtue is achieved due to the new BlueHDi engines (from the 2008 update) featuring the most profitable diesel emission control technology on the market. Although, the driving experience of this small panel van might not be as perky as some would like but the comfort is a match for the sector's best efforts.

3. VW Transporter – 81,000


In spite of the fact that the Volkswagen Transporter gained only the third position in the LCV sales last year, it is the most reputable closed box van in the list. First, it’s been in production longer than any other van (since 1950). Second, it has received a bunch of awards from the experts, who value a significantly large range of body configurations the most. All these reasons have made the Transporter the best-selling van in history. So, perhaps, the current 3d result is just a breathing space to get the energy for future records.

2. Mercedes Sprinter – 92,000


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter won the hearts of delivery van specialists immediately when it was launched on the market for the first time in 1995. The same year it was voted International Van of the Year. Since then, it has commanded stable respect from the customers worldwide. Safety is something the Sprinter van is especially famous for. Though, the added weight of all the safety and comfort features comes at the price of payload, which is among the lowest in the category of 3.5 tonners.

1. Ford Transit – 150,000


The significance of the current best-selling commercial vehicle is enlarged manyfold, considering that it also opens the Top 3 of the most popular vans ever sold in Europe. Moreover, the Ford Transit has been the leading LCV model in the UK, since its first appearance on the market in 1965. The grandeur of this Ford’s model is so remarkable that the name “Transit” has become a kind of legendary. Due to its unprecedented British popularity, the Transit van is known as “the backbone of Britain”.

According to the experts, such tremendous success is earned thanks to effective drivability. The pros of the latest generation include increased cargo volume, reduced maintenance costs and repair time, as well as highly economical ECOnetic version. But since nobody’s perfect, this renowned van also has some room for improvement, namely it lacks payload capacity in comparison with other first-class light commercials.


2yr 3mo ago

Je veux les kongo qu'elle année

2yr 4mo ago

All of these cargo vans models have potential issues. I'd made an emphasis on complaints concerning Renault Kangoo. A great number of drive axles seal flaw complaints on the Transit Connects. The 9 speed auto in the Pro C is a pure one trick pony, FCA has struggled with it too previously, primarily in 2014-2015. None of these vans are a solid pick, I for myself don't have a downer at any too. All have had some glitches. Presumably the things are gonna change for the best with Nissan CVTs increasingly pushing forward to the European market.

2yr 4mo ago

Is Nice beautitul

2yr 4mo ago

In my dreams Citroën berlingo is mine but in reality i have nothing

defy reality
2yr 4mo ago

No hard pricing engagement policy is what really solves the case. Ford offers awd transit sols for European market but has no intention to bring it to the US. :)

2yr 4mo ago

Ford Transit laying down a law. :D Barring pricing thingy that's quite a shiity pick-up inspite of doing some chunk of work with 3.7 L V6 injection.

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