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Focus on: forklifts

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Best offers in the market

The best forklifts for sale are manufactured by:

When you buy machinery from well-known manufacturers you get guarantees of safety and comfort.

The market of forklift trucks has recently increased with the production of rough terrain forklifts with special features of off-road vehicles:

  • high ground clearance;
  • short wheelbase for good maneuverability;
  • off-road tyres;
  • payload capacity from 2 and up to 5 tonnes;
  • comfy cab, including climate control equipment.

Another example of a high-quality forklift brand is KOMATSU. Its popular CX50 Series is prominent for:

  • 3-way catalytic system in fuel versions;
  • load recognition system to save 8% of fuel;
  • durable wet disc brakes with water resistant and fade resistant qualities;
  • vibration cushioning system that is friendly to both the operator and the load;
  • complete visibility;
  • unique counterweight mechanism.

The latest models of heavy forklift trucks with enclosed cabs don’t leg behind lighter versions and also boast such up-to-date features as automatic transmission, ergonomic seats and climate control.

Specifications and types

The main facts to consider while making the choice of a forklift are:

  • load capacity;
  • power/fuel supply;
  • total cost.

The types are categorized according to the following qualities:

  • engine type (e.g., electric, petrol, diesel, hybrid);
  • payload capacity;
  • lifting height and layout of the forks.

The traditional layout implies the front position of a manipulator. But there are also other types of structures: side loaders, 4-wheel front forklifts, rough terrain forklifts.

4-wheel electric front forklifts are highly maneuverable. Their transmission system features a separate electric motor for each wheel. The tyres are replaced on the rollers that allow a truck to move in any direction. And the operation of the joysticks is easy and accessible.

In case of side loaders the transportation is carried out on a long-length platform instead of using forks for this purpose. The balance of the platform is provided by the central layout of an elevating mechanism, while hydromechanical transmission facilitates the operation.

Comparative analysis

Electric forklifts Petrol and diesel forklifts
Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages

efficiency provided by cheap energy source

  • susceptible to temperature difference

  • energy dependence of the electric charge

  • fuel accessibility

  • high-performance engine

  • load capacity

  • versatility

(generally caused by insufficient staff qualification or open site operation)

  • minor adaptation to temperature difference

  • need for top quality fuel

  • possible difficulties with the maintenance of electronics

  • spare parts deficit

  • harmful emissions, indoor use is limited because of noise pollution

Notice! Taking into account the disadvantages, special attention should be paid to the quality of storage batteries, which are characterized by vulnerability.

Tips for best solution

The conditions of operation, the type and weight of loads are the key factors in the process of picking a suitable forklift truck.

  • Electrical forklifts (which require regular recharge) are the best choice in case of warehouse operation.
  • 4-wheel electrical forklifts (which are highly maneuverable) are reasonable in space constrained buildings.

Side loading increases efficiency in lumbering sphere and at pipe yards.

Heavy material handling machinery (with capacity of 5-12 tonnes) is preferable for use in large transport terminals. These vehicles are able to transport machine tools, transformers, containers, generators, etc.

Versatile qualities of forklift trucks are extremely important when working on construction sites. For such purpose the preference is frequently given to used forklifts in good technical condition. They are significantly cheaper but capable of long-term operation.


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