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Camper vans or just campers allow their owners to make automobile trips for different distances, living in the vehicle itself. That is why such alternative names of these transport units as motorhomes and mobile homes are widely used.

The structure of modern campers

As far as the design is concerned, the basis of the camper is the chassis of a minibus or a van. A living unit with all necessary functional areas for comfortable life is installed on the chassis. The level of comfort depends on the camper class. A living unit usually contains several beds, kitchen, WC. Besides, a motorhome can be equipped with a stretched sunshade and has a storage unit for bikes.

Similar living conditions are also available in travel trailers (caravans). Such home trailers provide great freedom of travel. When you arrive to the holiday destination, you can detach the travel trailer and use the car for trips.

Motorhomes for your special needs

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