Choosing the right pallet truck

Choosing the right pallet truck

Pallet trucks

Popular offers on the market

In the range of warehouse equipment top quality is offered by the German brand LINDE. Its pallet trucks are equipped with a long-length forklift hoist, a platform for an operator to stand on and joystick control. The load capacity is up to 1600 kg, what is fairly enough to transport bulky and heavy loads around a manufacturing site. But note that its operation requires special accessories and a separate facility to charge powerful batteries. The same good quality and versatility is provided by the French brand FENWICK. The additional benefits of its electrical trucks include operator’s safety fence and a digital display for workload data.

The pallet trucks from other recognized brands, such as CATERPILLAR (made in the Netherlands and France), JUNGHEINRICH (from the Netherlands) and STILL (from Germany), are designed as smaller versions of electrical forklifts. The equipment features operator’s seat, an instrument panel and the load capacity of 2400 kg.

Main peculiarities

There are various types of trucks used as warehouse machinery. Its profitability is proven by an agreeable price and the possibility to specialize the truck for a particular kind of loads, e.g. pallets, boxes, tyres, end products, etc.

The basic classification of pallet trucks divides them into mechanical and electrical machines. The mechanical ones are represented by hand pallet trucks either of a pneumatic or a hydraulic type. Depending on the possibilities of application there are multi-purpose trucks (equipped with a forklift hoist) and special-purpose versions.

The so-called warehouse trucks-transformers belong to a separate category. These machines have additional wheels, back-folding panels and specific platforms for vertical or horizontal loading.

Key selection factors:

  • load capacity;
  • electric motor availability;
  • lifting height;
  • lifting hoist structure;
  • practical application of a platform;
  • manufacturer’s reputation;
  • affordability.

Used pallet trucks of good quality are economically beneficial.

Any specialized store offers the well-known simply structured pallet trucks with a flat platform and 4 swivel wheels. Even homemade versions are allowed for purchase. But the choice of electrical machines, supplied by all the famous manufacturers in the field, is more complicated.

Tips on the choice

The choice of a pallet truck depends primarily on its practical application, which is in turn defined by the load character, its weight and intended transportation distance. Multipurpose models with forklift hoists are reasonable for manufacturing sites. Auto-service centers require special variants of trucks, tailored for the platforms that carry engines and tyre racks. Trucks, used in agricultural sphere, feature firm and solid platforms with the folding sides and ramps to place the machinery for further transportation.

Take advantage of our easy-to-use website to pick and buy pallet trucks from best European dealers. If your choice is an electric truck with mileage, pay attention to the remaining engine service life. Then, check operating control units for the degree of its wear and tear.

Specialized companies provide the necessary examination of a used pallet truck before selling it. Also, it is properly prepared for further operation through renovation and substitution of worn-out elements. Honest dealers share all the details of electric motor service life and vehicle’s production year.

Hand vs electric pallet trucks

The benefits of hand pallet trucks are:

  • accessible maintenance;
  • compact size;
  • simple mechanism;
  • no need for electric power;
  • low price and efficient operation.

As for the vulnerable sides of hand pallet trucks, the axes of its wheels require regular lubrication and replacement of the depreciated rims. It’s not permissible to try fixing inner mechanisms of pneumatic and hydraulic hoists without expert assistance.

Electric machines, by contrast, significantly reduce manual operations, while lifting and moving the loads. Besides, they have larger capacity. But electric motors require special attention. In case of depleted motor potential, the costly repairs can include complete engine replacement. Only qualified personnel without exception are allowed to operate compound models of electric pallet trucks.


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