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Construction equipment means the heavy-duty equipment, designed in order to meet the construction requirements and to be able to carry out the construction activities. On a provisional basis the equipment can be portable and stationary. Loaders, excavators, special vehicles based on standard trucks (for example, earthmoving vehicles, pipe-layers, concrete mixers and asphalt mixers) can be included into the first group. A very significant part of construction equipment is related to the stationary equipment group: these are drilling machines, compressors, etc. Construction vehicles and equipment are affected by the environment in a rather serious manner.

Such vehicles are used on all of the construction stages. For instance, earthwork equipment (excavators, loaders, graders, earthmovers, etc) is used to prepare the foundation, to move the earth, the building materials or other equipment. Such vehicles are usually fitted with powerful engines, wide and stable platforms and special blades to carry out excavation works, earthworks or hard works.

Trucks, which are used in the construction works, are equipped with special multipurpose tires and an enhanced suspender, as well as reinforced chassis and reduction unit, which let intensify the axle load. Excavators and loaders can be both on wheels or crawler tracks. Operating elements are made of perdurable metals (steel) in order to provide continuous activity and to minimize repair and maintenance costs. Drilling equipment may be stationary and portable.

Concrete transportation and preparation vehicles (concrete mixers and concrete pumpers) are the units on the base of medium duty trucks with the 6x4 or 8x4 chassis type, as a rule.

Construction equipment (such as quarry dumpers and articulated trippers) and hoist machinery (crane trucks and working platforms) can be produced on the base of standard trucks, although in most of the cases more powerful foundations are elaborated.

Road machinery (graders, compactors and asphalt pavers) possesses the power pack, the solid metal body with a closed or open cabin, and some special facilities: blades and drums.

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