Top videos of crazy truck drivers - Truck1

Top videos of crazy truck drivers - Truck1

There's only a fine line between genius and insanity. The heroes of the following videos prove this proverb one more time. These guys obviously just don’t have “safety” word in the vocabulary. They probably don’t even care about the vocabulary at all. The same happens to viewers of these videos: “wow” is the most decent word they can whisper. Let’s check your decency level, have a look at this crazy truck drivers compilation – you’ll see that going to hell and back staying eventually safe and sound is possible!

1. Impossible u-turn

Who said that u-turn was impossible here? Watch this highly skilled MAN truck driver and have no doubts: everything is possible!

2. The luckiest truck driver ever (or not?)

Cargo securing is such a hassle. Just leave things to your luck and don’t waste your time. What can go wrong, after all?

3. Russian tractor driver refuses to give up

Enjoying another example of the legendary Russian spirit, it seems that this driver has been living in his yellow tractor for years. As the song goes:

We all live in a yellow submarine
Yellow submarine, yellow submarine...

4. Great skills

Extreme driving skills examination: only one way out – forward, no matter how sharp are the turns. And it is even better if there is another reckless bus on the oncoming lane.

5. Amazing skills

At first it seems impossible – to make u-turn in this dead end with a full size semi trailer attached. But this is the moment when experience rules. 1 minute and it is done with minor damage to the lawn.

6. Dirty hill road

Conquering steep and dirty roads is a common thing for Volvo tractor trailers! As it is said, Rome wasn’t built in a day...

7. Russian truck-friendly roads

For Russians there is nothing extraordinary in this video. Just an average road. Another routine working day.

8. Bobsleigh – the truck-driving style

Also the Russians have always been great at figure skating. Someone should send them this idea.

9. Fire truck… or boat?

These Isuzu fire trucks are ready for any challenge on the Earth. Or on water.

10. Awesome maneuver

This is the case we were talking about in the beginning: your first word could not be decent! What happened? Strong wind, big empty semi trailer… Maybe this it was the wind of change that Scorpions sang about? Anyway – respect to the driver with top skills and experience – no doubt.


5yr 4mo ago

the compilation is spot on, thanks. video 7 is quite conservative by russian standarts btw. gotta add, these machines were manufactured in the ussr yet and that's the reason why they are still being actively all conscience that country was fantastic. there is a glaring gap between then trucks and russian produced nowadays.

5yr 4mo ago

bobsledder assis dans un camion d'orange apparemment est né pour la 2ème fois. Je voudrais regarder, que ce soit sur la pente au moins un nid de poule!

Manuel Torres
5yr 4mo ago

En el video #2, que reflejos tiene el conductor! pareciera que los tubos (o lo que lleve ahi) le hubiesen hecho un daño fatal, pero no fue asi. Que bueno que salio bien de esta situacion. Excelente los videos proporcionados por esta pagina.

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