New wood chipper TEKNAMOTOR Skorpion 350 RB

Online: 1yr 1mo

Year of production 2020
Condition new
Net weight 3 400 kg
Location Poland, Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski
Phone +48-4126...

Skorpion 350 RB is a drum model made in the form of a trailer, meant for collaboration with a min 100 KM farm tractor. The drive is transmitted from PTO shaft of a tractor with the speed of 540 revolutions per minute.

The chipper is equipped with hydraulically folding loading table, in which a feeder track is installed. Pressing and waste-wood feeding into the cutting system is performed by toothed roll installed in a rocker. Both – the crawler and feeding roll are propelled by hydraulic motors powered by a hydraulic pump installed on board.

A sector-type drum with 2 cutting knives (one rotation of the drum for one full cut) allows to achieve a very high possibilities of the chipper with a relatively low power of the tractor. Knives can be sharpened several times, assuring theirs long-term use.

Installed screen ensures high regularity if chips. Chips are advanced from under the screen to the fan by two screw conveyors, than discharged thorough the ejection tube. This chipper is equipped with hydraulically foldable ejection tube with automatic swivel control by 240°, both controlled by hydraulic divider or joystick.

The solution of positioning the feeding table at the angle of 90°, in relation to the direction of travel, allows simultaneous transport of the chipper and light trailer using only one tractor (the chipper is equipped with an automatic towbar)

Due to large size of the material to be chipped, the machine can be equipped with a hydraulic mounted crane.

The chipper is equipped with LED road lighting.

As a standard, the chipper is also additionally equipped with one of the most advanced electronic system of work control available on European market automatically protecting the propulsion system of the machine against overload/excessive duty through temporary stopping the feeding unit. Easily editable software of the No-stress system provides a simple way to change the settings of the machine adapting it to individual needs. Preset "thick wood" and "thin wood" modes allow fast and easy change of the operation of the chipper in order to match the current material to be shred and increase the effectiveness of work. Total- and daily- hour meter is built into this system.

Chips made by Skorpion 350 RB can be used as a solid fuel for heating (burning in ovens/stoves), as a raw material for production of paper, furniture boards, and after additional disintegrating in a hammer mill for pellets and briquettes production.

Purchase of a chipper Skorpion 350 RB is the perfect solution for companies and businesses which develop their business in a modern and environmentally friendly direction.

Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 44160 x 2350 (3010)* x 2960 (3970)* [mm]

Weight 3400 without hydraulic crane [kg]

Branch diameter logs up to 250 [mm]

No of knives 2 cutting + 1 counter-knife

Feeding speed up to 21 [running meters/min]

Chipping capacity up to 16 [stère meters/h]

Width of chips up to 28 depends on material [mm]

Drum diameter 520 [mm]

Hopper dimensions (WxH) 375 x 340 [mm]

Length of chain feeder loading table 750, flap 630 [mm]

Screen 30x30 or 50x50 [mm]

Min. power of tractor 100 [hp]

()* - unfolded, ready to work.

() - weight depends on equipment installed.

Standard equipment

- Sprung axle equipped with air brake.

- Hydraulically folding loading table (flap) equipped with a chain feeder.

- Hydraulically foldable ejection tube with automatic control of swivel by 240° and deflector.

- Road lighting.

- PTO.

- Own hydraulic system.

- Electronic system of work control with hour meter.

- Electronic control by joystick.

Optional equipment

- Air-type suspension equipped with air brake.

- Hydraulic crane.

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