How to pick a harvester?

How to pick a harvester?


The most popular harvester brands and models

Harvesters are put on sale because of many reasons, and that is definitely not because of their models and brands. Among the widely spread brands of harvesters it should be mentioned about "Claas" (and its time-proved “DOMINATOR” or brand new “TUCANO”), a real professional in the sphere of agricultural machinery manufacturing "John Deere" and Hydrostatic. It is also possible to add "Grimme" into this list, which is the leader in the sphere of potato harvester manufacturing.

Each of the manufacturers offers a big number of various 4x2 and 4x4 wheel-drive models. There are semi-mounted combine harvesters and self-propelled vehicles equipped with bunker or elevator unloading systems.

Speaking about the features of some of the models it should be noted that all advantages and disadvantages of this or that model can be the following:

  • auto features (which include the power plant capability, the drive torque, fuel consumption, maintainability and reparability);
  • specific functionality (the contains of the processing hub which is the part of the harvester).

The following used harvesters are worthy of paying attention to:

  1. Hydrostatic 2388 X A-F

    This model is notable for its total computerized processes of harvesting and cleaning the grain with differential load on the bunker/elevator. Besides that, its high productivity must be stressed, when the average power reaches 280 hp.

    Large clearance and the wide range of the front hydraulic suspension make it possible to use the harvester even in hard field conditions.

  2. CLAAS Lexion 600

    It is one of the biggest and most powerful combine harvesters which is equipped with a very powerful engine and almost a 7-meter thrasher. One of the most important features of this model is the system of parallel grain and separated corn stalks processing with further stacking. Broad tires with robust protector and constant 4 wheel-drive should also be mentioned. These features ensure high efficiency of work both on elevated and low-lying sites.

  3. JOHN DEERE 1177 H4

    Comparatively poor power characteristics and a relatively small size can be considered as advantages of this model. This little fellow performs well on limited areas and fields with irregular or unprocessed boundaries.

    If to compare with more powerful models, this JOHN DEERE differs from all the rest because of its speed, low fuel consumption level and decent functional equipment inside.

Purchasing a harvester

The number of miles on the vehicle and a service portfolio which contains information on all repair works, have to be taken into consideration when you are buying a used combine harvester. You should limit the selection with necessary power and functionality. Then you should choose the most suitable options from the rest if to consider the price and shipment. Tires cost much that is why you should better check their condition by yourself. Ideally, it would be nice to check the vehicle while it is operating, so that to examine its speed, harvesting quality and other features.

Suspended equipment must be checked separately. Its wear-out is as a rule more significant than that of the vehicle itself. The examination and checking procedures of all main systems and units will make it possible to evaluate both technical condition of the vehicle and its functional capabilities, with due account for total time in operation.


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