How to pick an autotransporter truck

How to pick an autotransporter truck

Autotransporter truck

Best vehicle carrier manufacturers

All big manufacturers of heavy vehicles produce task-oriented typical vehicle carriers. Perfect quality and numerous technical advancements make the production of MercedesBenz (ACTROS model), MAN, Volvo, Renault (PREMIUM 385 model) and Scania different from all the rest in the market.

It is very difficult to deal with high price of new vehicles for trucking companies which have just entered the market. In these circumstances the most sustainable decision would be to choose a used vehicle carrier. Used vehicles are usually in good condition due to constant technical support service and European good road conditions. Pre-sales preparations include maintenance jobs, replacement of spare parts and short-life devices.

Experts mark out Kassbohrer, Fliegl and Goldhofer from the list of semitrailer vehicle carrier manufacturers. The most capacious constructions of semitrailer vehicle carriers can transport eleven cars.

Main features of vehicle carriers

All vehicle transporters can be divided into single-purpose trucks (with a platform which is intended for light and heavy vehicles transportation) and articulated vehicles (a tractor unit is linked to a semitrailer vehicle carrier).

The advantage of articulated trucks is the flexibility of use of tractor units. It is rational for a company which possesses a tractor unit fleet to buy a semitrailer vehicle transporter. A purchase of a truck vehicle carrier would be an optimal decision if constant purpose-oriented use (for instance, cars and small trucks transportation) is planned.

Despite diversity if superstructures, the main goals of developers are increasing the number of vehicles being transported and providing cargo safety. A regular combination (on tractor unit’s chassis) provides two-leveled platform’s construction. Some models are equipped with a separate platform (“a shoulder”) set upon a driver’s cab in order to increase carrying capacity of a vehicle.

Upper levels of the main platform and a semitrailer are lifted with the help of hydraulic (either circular or scissors) piles. These constructions are fitted with special beams and gaps intended to provide stability vehicles which are being transported.

Vehicle carrier optimal choice

While choosing a vehicle transporter, jne should take into account the following:

  • Peculiarities of specific transportation works (models of vehicles which are going to be transported and travel distance);
  • Technical condition of a vehicle (in case of buying a used vehicle transporter);
  • Reliability of a fastener system (as one of the most important factors).

That is why it is required to make complete diagnostics of chassis, frame condition, brake wheels wear, diagnosis of shock absorbers and air suspension componentes, not mentioning the engine check. Attachment systems, fixing straps, beams and lifting ramps should be put under special control.

Much attention should be paid to side stops of fixers (should be no play) and the surface of a fastener system (because tears damage tyres of vehicles being transported). Fixing straps should be equipped with opposing locks, claws in working order and anti-slip coating.

Semitrailers running

Experience of drivers becomes one of the most significant peculiarities of vehicle carriers. Vehicle carriers don’t differ much from regular articulated trucks and heavy trucks, but one have to take into account specific features of travel route (for instance, external dimensions) and to avoid roads under repair.

Drivers of vehicle transporters are being trained on the basis of special programs which include loading standards, the order of cargo receipt, delivery and checking procedures, as well as checking of contents of delivery. There are special requirements concerning carrier drivers’ uniform, too.


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