Trucks, buses and engines under MAN trademark are produced by the company MAN SE. Its head office is located in Munich (Germany). The company MAN SE consists of the next departments:

  • MAN Truck & Bus AG produces trucks under the trademarks MAN, ERF in the UK, STAR in Poland, and Neoplan buses as well.
  • MAN Diesel & Turbo produces all kinds of marine diesel engines and turbines.
  • MAN Ferrostaal AG is in charge of development and construction of high-tech manufacturing enterprises.


The company was founded in 1758 but it started to specialize in vehicles and automotive engineering only at the beginning of the 20th century, when in 1915 the production of trucks was organized in Nuremberg (Germany). In 1923 the first diesel engine of 40 hp was constructed, and a year later the first diesel truck was manufactured. The payload of these series reached 5 tons, it was equipped with a drive shaft. Before the World War II, in 1937, MAN has managed to release one more new product: diesel engine with a spherical combustion chamber.

During World War II, the company produced famous tanks "Panther".

In 1951, the company released a truck engine with a turbocharger, and a few years later the modification of the spherical engine was updated, by making it less noisy.

By the end of 1950s the company has mastered the production of trams under MAN trademark. Postwar development let the company grow at the expense of several mergers and acquisitions, in particular of Porsche Diesel Motorenbau.

The modern structure of MAN AG and later MAN SE group of companies has started after merging with «Gutehoffnungshütte Aktienverein».

The efficient structure of organization allowed introducing of new models of buses and trucks M90/F90 «Silent. Continuing the production of low-noise engines, in 1992 the company releases SLW 2000 truck for urban use. Technological advances appeared in the production of buses as well, for example, the better safety of the 422 FRH «Lion's Star» flat floor body bus.

In 1994 MAN presented a new generation of heavy-duty trucks with 18 tons load capacity and Euro 2 engine class.

MAN appears to be an innovator in the environmental field. In 1994 L2000 distribution truck was presented, it had hybrid drive using internal combustion engine or battery and also natural gas engine.

In 1996 further engineering works allowed to bring to the market a new series of medium-duty trucks M2000, having gross weight of 12 to 25 tons, and to present in 1997 a new generation of low-frame buses.

In 1997 MAN has started development and production of a new generation of trucks «MAN Trucknology®», including truck models TG-A (since 2000) and the tourist bus «Lion's Star» (since 2001).

A new series of engines D20 Common Rail was produced in 2004. Technological achievements allowed to expand the model range with TGA, TGL, TGX, TGS, TGM, CLA trucks, ans some special vehicles as well.

MAN’s model range is classified by the total weight of large- , medium- , and light trucks. By purpose these are divided on highway, distribution and special vehicles for construction and utility services.

Since 2013 technically and externally modernized models TGX, TGS, TGM, TGL have been produced.

TGX and TGS models were replaced with 2008 TGA; this way highway segment was diversified.



TGX truck is designed for highway transportation. It has gross weight of 15 - 17 tons and is equipped with 360 - 680 HP engines. The main innovations are: enhanced driving comfort due to ergonomic cabin, TGX EfficientLine seats, 4% better aerodynamics and 30% less noise comparing to the previous models. Engines are notable for better fuel economy, and as a result, reduction of CO2 emission. In addition, the truck is equipped with systems of passive and active safety, such as Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), Autonomous Cruise Control System (ACC), anti-lock braking system (ABS), lane guard system (LGS), emergency braking system and Continous Damping Control (CDC).

These vehicles are equipped with 320 to 480 HP engines complying with EEV (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle) and may enter appropriate ecological zones.



Model TGS is a TGX model which is designed for heavy construction and local transportation. It can be produced in the dump truck version, with a part-time or full-time all-wheel drive. The gross weight varies from 18 to 41 tons.



TGM model represents a series of medium-duty trucks of Trucknology ® generation with gross weight 13- 26 tons and 250-340 HP engines. This model is an universal truck designed for both urban and local deliveries, as well as for highways. The machine is also equipped with MAN PURE DIESEL engine with an innovative recirculation exhaust system (AGR) and with a system of injection which is called Common Rail. This gives an opportunity to enter free any ecological zone of the cities. The vehicle is equipped with electronic braking system (EBS) and with Electronic Stability Programme (ESP). As in other models, TGM’s noise is reduced and the comfort of cabins is increased.



TGL is a light-duty truck with a gross vehicle weight from 7.5 to 12 tons with engines ranging from 150 to 250 HP, equipped with MAN PURE DIESEL® technology, with the system of exhaust recirculation and the injection system Common Rail. These vehicles have free admission in ecological zones of the city. These trucks are equipped with electronic braking system (EBS) and Electronic Stability Programme (ESP). For convenience, they may be equipped with a double cabin.

MAN vehicles are equipped with a duplicate air suspension; if one cushion gets broken the second one will still support the vehicle. There is an opportunity to tune the engine, to update automatic transmission settings, to remove the speed-limit of 85 km/h, as well as to reduce sensibility to low-quality fuel.


Abu Sufiyaan
4yr 9mo ago

We are trying to purchase 4 Used MAN tractor units 4x2 manufacturing year 2006 to 2008, Manual gear box, if you have them please send us a mail.

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