10 Most expensive Motorhomes

10 Most expensive Motorhomes

Also referred to as RVs (recreational vehicles) or coaches, luxury motorhomes have reputation for being the most feted extravagancies nowadays. It's appropriate to say these vehicles clearly look more like rolling mansions than regular motorhomes and they are going to show you what the uppermost level of luxury really is. Here is the list of top 10 the most expensive luxury RVs in the world. Go check them out!

10. Entegra Coach Cornerstone 45DLQ – $464,000

© www.entegracoach.com

This Class A diesel motorhome is the least expensive in this top, nevertheless that is quite enough to leave you with your mouth opened. It features such advanced driver assistance systems as SmartWheel, Mobileye and touchscreen technology. They enable you to feel at ease while steering (and not only while lying on the King Bed). The gorgeous interior design includes a cedar-lined wardrobe, quartz countertops, a heated porcelain floor, a walk-in shower and many other elegant and highly comfortable details. Needless to say that it abounds in state-of-the-art entertainment devices. And one more pleasant trifle is that Entegra Coach offers its swashbucking motorhome with a 2-year warranty and 3-year roadside assistance.

9. Country Coach Magna 630 – $495,000

© www.motorhomesoftexas.com

The superiority of the exquisite Country Coach Magna 630 over the previous motorhome is not only in its price. There are more than 10 years between them. Nevertheless, the Magna 630 can boast all possible amenities that a luxury couch can have: a built-in washer and dryer, a custom sofa and queen-sized bed, walnut cabinets with earth tones and a dinette booth. The energy for living inside is taken from solar panels on the roof. And due to a 600HP Cummins engine, power tilt and telescope wheels this palace on wheels can gracefully drive even over the mountains.

8. UNICAT Amerigo International – $500,000

© dailymail.co.uk

Appearances are deceptive. So, don’t think that you’re looking at the garbage truck. It’s just one of the most rugged examples of a caravan on the market. The Amerigo International represents UNICAT ‘exploration vehicles’ and some even consider it to be the best place to ride out a zombie apocalypse.

Surprisingly comfy interiors include beds, desk space, a kitchen and a shower. This truck-esque camper features solar panels and a 2,000-mile gas tank. Moreover, it has a 110-gallon freshwater tank with a watermaker that can decontaminate water making it drinkable (after all you should survive if you get stuck surrounded by zombies).

As you see, there is everything what you can find in any respectable small house and even more. Thus, it’s not unreasonable that it costs more as well.

7. Monaco Dynasty 45P 2015 – $585,000

© www.monacocoach.com

Monaco… Dynasty… Frankly speaking, these 2 words are enough to describe this RV. But in case you are extremely curious then here is the digest.

The designers of this plushy motorhome claim that they drew inspiration from their current owners. As a result, the interior provides a supreme level of comfort. Cedar-lined cabinets and wardrobes, a LED ceiling, a TV with a centralized control system, a porcelain tile floor – every detail contributes to the premium refinement of Monaco. The exterior is prominent for the Roadmaster Chassis with a 600HP Cummins engine and an improved modular bridge design. And according to the creators, these technical features will allow you to be the king on the road.

6. Newmar King Aire – $738,000

© www.newmarcorp.com

It’s evident that the name of this motor coach extends the concept of royalty even further. Well, let’s get acquainted with His Majesty!

Noticeably, every element here has a speaking name. It all starts with a Spartan K3 GT tag axle chassis (powered by a diesel engine) and continues with an interior from Ralph Lauren Home Collection. Navigation is provided by a Rand McNally GPS system with Lifetime Maps that will help you plan, prepare, and enjoy the ride.

The residential area consists of 2 Villa sofas, a dinette ensemble, a washer and dryer, porcelain tile flooring and a master bedroom with a walk-in bathroom and overhead LED lighting. But there is one glaring omission – the crown is not included!

5. Foretravel IH-45 Luxury Motor Coach – $1,300,000

© www.foretravel.com

This mobile home is especially significant. Firstly, the IH-45 is the first one in our list to cross the line of $1 million. Secondly, this is the middle of our Top and you’re probably tired of all these king & queen size beds, walk-in showers, stackable washers, slide-out rooms and stuff like that. So, from now on such pieces of luxury are automatically included in the descriptions. Besides, the technical features are no less impressive.

One of the most striking of them is the TravelRide chassis that emulates the one of an airplane. It guarantees ultimate noise reduction as it distributes vibration through the subfloor, floor, walls and roof. Electrical needs are provided by a 20 kW diesel generator and a solar charger. However this Foretravel has a remarkable level of self-sufficiency when untethered from hookups.

4. Prevost X3-45 VIP Entertainer – $1,500,000

© www.prevostcar.com

As the name suggests, the Entertainer can be a real concert-tour hero. This Prevost VIP version is designed to satisfy the demanding requirements of traveling entertainers and their crews.

It’s claimed to be an ultra-functional caravan bus. Prevost improved the design of under-floor cargo bays by moving the A/C system and fuel tank towards the back. This idea made it possible to concentrate all available conversion space towards the front. Thus, weight load is reduced on the front axle and it allows the converters to be fully flexible while installing creative amenities.

3. Prevost H3-45 VIP 2017 – $2,200,000

© www.prevostcar.com

While the previous model by Prevost is described as "timeless and classic", this H3-45 VIP has gained "sleek and modern" reputation. The designers proudly claim that it stands head and shoulders above all other motor coaches. And they have the right to say so, as their creation has an overall height of 3,8 meters making it the tallest representative in this market segment.

And it’s natural that such a great height requires the same great length. This RV boasts 8-meter wheelbase (equipped with the well-known Prevost independent suspension system) which is long enough to ensure extreme comfort during long trips.

2. Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus – $2,500,000

© www.gizmag.com

A little bit more luxury never hurts and Featherlite Vantare RV confirms this thesis with good reason. So, as we’ve agreed, we’re not going to enumerate all the ridiculously expensive materials and decorations which make this vehicle a mansion on wheels. Featherlite Coaches company focus is "to exceed Owner expectations"... Of course we can’t decide for the owners, but to have a built-in treadmill on board and a garage slide for a sports car on the outside is certainly beyond our expectations!

1. Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo – $3,000,000

© www.marchi-mobile.com

The appearance of the most expensive RV in the world is ahead of its time and reminds something from a futuristic Hollywood blockbuster. It is indeed hard to take the eyes off this technical masterpiece built on a Volvo chassis and powered by a Volvo engine. The EleMMent Palazzo combines features from the worlds of motor-sports, aviation and yachting including sports car design with limousine functionality, a jet cockpit with a helicopter-like windshield and the Sky Lounge as if on top of a yacht.

Thankfully, Marchi Mobile Team cared about our mental health and they didn’t mix such an incredible exterior with an utterly flashy interior. The inner design is rather minimalistic in comparison to the above-mentioned motor coaches and includes modern shapes fused with classy and antique elements. So, there is nothing special for oil-rich Arab Sheikhs who are rumoured to be buying these posh versions of caravans.


5yr 2mo ago

3 millions for sure? time to get drunk

5yr 2mo ago

20/20. what reassures me after a sort is people that buy it has more money than smarts. You should be really retarted.

Kenneth Lowe
5yr 2mo ago

my understanding of opulence getting mauled

Eugene K
5yr 2mo ago

Rahman, Marchi Mobile is able to deliver speeds of about 150 km/h, that's not required from a motorhome to keep it over the haul. it's not a racing car after all.

5yr 2mo ago

Gotta buy a few lottery tickets to have a shot at these ones...

5yr 2mo ago

meeeeh way too expensive for suchlike set of fixtures. a $3M price virtually obliges these rvs to get kicked around at speed of sound

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Goddammit and I'm definetely stuck with deciding if want an extra pint of port wine. Luxury makes it almost unwatchable

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