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TLD GPU-4090_E_CUP Ground support equipment

Online: 3yr 3mo

Brand TLD
Year of manufacture 2015
Condition excellent
Technical inspection 11/2019
Hours 2 236 h
Gross weight 2 609 kg
Length 3 962 mm
Width 1 524 mm
Height 1 727 mm
Color white
Location Spain
Phone +331737...
  • units available: 1
  • service book
  • number of previous owners: 1


400 Hz 115/200 volts nominal, +/- 15% adjustable, 3 phases, 4 wire wye-connected, grounded neutral, revolving field, brushless, self-cooling, single bearing, brushless rotating rectifier assembly, directly connected to the engine.


- 24 volt starting motor - Dry-type air cleaner

- Heavy-duty spark - (2) 12-volt batteries arrestor / silencer

- Full flow fuel filter

- Pusher type fan - De-aerator tank

- Full-flow lubricating oil filter

- Low coolant shutdown


Digital generator control module (GCM) features voltage regulation, generator fault protection, and a generator operating parameter display. The GCM monitors the 400 Hz output when 400 Hz is in use and automatically switches over to monitor 28.5 VDC output when optional 28.5 VDC transformer rectifier is in use. The voltage regulator provides line drop compensation on 400 Hz as well as line drop compensation and current limiting on optional 28.5 VDC transformer rectifier. The GCM displays the generator output operating parameters such as voltage, current, and frequency digitally on a backlit LCD. The GCM is programmed to provide generator output fault protection in the following settings:

- Over frequency: 420 Hz in 5 seconds

- Under frequency: 380 Hz in 7 seconds

- Over voltage: 130 volts in 2 seconds

- Under voltage: 100 volts in 7 seconds

- Overload: 125% of rated load for 5 minutes

The GCM displays and latches the fault if any of the above should occur.


On electronic diesel engine versions, the electronic engine governors provide precise frequency regulation and fast transient response. Engine protection such as low oil pressure, high coolant temperature, and over speed

protection are programmed into the engine electronic control module. An engine diagnostic connector is

provided for communicating with the engine. Engine operating parameters are displayed with electronic gauges via SAE J1939 Controller Area Network, which include:

- Engine hours

- Engine RPM

- System Voltage

- Oil Pressure

- Coolant temperature

- % Engine load at the current RPM

- Active and stored service codes

- View engine configuration parameters

A separate analog fuel gauge is provided.

Automatic engine cool down and emergency shutdown are standard engine controls.


- Voltage regulation: +/- 1% maximum over full range of generator loading.

- Voltage transient: +/- 13.8% no load to full load.

- Voltage transient recovery time: +/- 1% of nominal Voltage within 100 milliseconds.

- Voltage modulation: 0.5% at steady state.

- Phase balance:

Not to exceed 1% at balanced 3-phase load.

Not to exceed 4% at 1/3 load on 1 phase and no-load on the other 2 phases.

- Harmonic content: Total harmonic distortion not to exceed 2%. Any single phase harmonic not to exceed 1.5% at 0.8 P.F. linear load.

- Crest factor: 1.414 +/- 0.07

- Frequency regulation: +/- 0.1% no-load to full-load and overload.

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