Semi-trailers Low Loaders for Heavy Duty Transport

Semi-trailers Low Loaders for Heavy Duty Transport

Semi-trailer Low Loader

When it comes to the haulage of abnormal loads (agricultural and construction vehicles, industrial equipment and pipes) one can think that it takes too much effort. However there is a great variety of low loader semi-trailers to cope with these tasks. And this is the optimal choice that requires expertise and effort.

Technical Details

The main distinguishing feature of low bed semi-trailers is their payload capacity. The majority of models carry from 25 up to 100 tonnes, but there are also real heavyweights that can transport more than 200 tonnes. To be capable of such a feat a semi-trailer should have more axles than an average version.

The platform consists of a baseplate, mechanical equipment that connects a semi-trailer with a tractor unit, a loading ramp for handling operations and different fastening devices. Most structures include extensible frames to make the platform longer and special expanders to make it wider. Narrow platforms suit long-length loads (e.g., pipes and pillars) and wide varieties are used for heavy vehicle transportation.

The ride height ranges from 0,5 to 1 meter. These figures provide a semi-trailer with the necessary stability and enable it to go through tunnels or under bridges with the load on top.

A low bed semi-trailer operates only in combination with a high-powered tractor unit. The weight of the cargo in this union is shared between 2 machines. That is why their interaction should be flawless.

Leading Manufacturers in Europe

The manufacturers in this market segment are as highly specialized as the vehicles they produce. The significant brands of nonstandard semi-trailers in Europe are Goldhofer, Faymonville, Nooteboom Trailers, Broshuis.

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