Tesla models compared: Model S, 3, X, Y, Cyber truck

Tesla models compared: Model S, 3, X, Y, Cyber truck

Tesla is easily one of the biggest electric car companies of the current age and is leading the change towards sustainable vehicles. With an enthusiastic founder and CEO – Elon Musk –at the helm of the company, it is one of the biggest automobile companies out there. But with Tesla being the behemoth it is today, it’s hard to imagine that it all started back in 2003 with a small group of engineers.

The concept of Tesla’s electric cars came from a group of engineers that was looking to make a more sustainable means of transportation. Of course, these engineers also wanted to prove that people would not need to compromise on the quality of vehicles. And with that vision guiding them forward, the group of engineers was able to launch their first all-electric vehicle called the Roadster in 2008.

The Roadster showcased the incredible battery technology that it sported along with an incredible electric powertrain. It was the first of its kind and was quite close to most combustion cars at the time.

Model S

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After the launch of the Roadster, Tesla followed up with the release of the Model S, which was the first fully-electric sedan.

The Model S combined efficiency, performance, and safety to create one of the best sedans on the market. Tesla very much exploded onto the scene after their Model S, thanks to its yearly iterations surpassing and building upon previous iterations. Now, Tesla has come up with various other vehicles as well as products that generate and store clean energy.

Model 3

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After releasing in 2016, Tesla’s Model 3 gained instant popularity among the brand's devout followers. People saw this Model as an affordable alternative to the previous one (Model S). The Model is a four-door sedan and launched with a variety of options. What makes this car stand out is that its interior is devoid of buttons, something that Tesla lovers speculated a few years ago.

Model 3 utilizes nothing but electric power. Combine its energy efficiency with its sleek looks, and you have the vehicle of a lifetime. As far as charging time goes, it is serviceable. Your car will be ready to go on the road in ten to twelve hours. The charging time could be shorter if you use a dedicated wall charger.

The vehicle's acceleration is excellent as it takes no more than 4 seconds to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour. It proves that it is faster than almost every premium saloon available and pricey sports cars. Model 3 also has an autopilot system that especially comes in handy on motorways. All you have to do is activate it, put in your destination, and sit back.

Model X

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Tesla's Model X released earlier this year and might be one of the fastest and most eco-friendly cars out there. Considered as Model S’ crossover cousin, this one is more practical. It has a high-tech cabin and an all-wheel drive. The passenger compartment has room for around seven, proving that this vehicle is quite spacious.

With two electric motors on board, Model X's driving range is quite impressive. For a massive SUV, handling this vehicle by Tesla is surprisingly uncomplicated. You can credit the car's efficient handling to the batteries mounted in the vehicle’s floor, which helps to form a low center of gravity. That said, do not expect the SUVs cabin to be luxurious. Sure, it is attractive, but that is about it as far as the cabin goes.

Model Y

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Tesla's Model Y is an all-electric car that the company developed on the same platform as Model 3. You will find that this vehicle has several similarities to Model 3, similar to how it was for Models S and X.

The company unveiled this crossover car during the early part of 2019. However, its deliveries began in March 2020. There will be a seven-seat option available next year. It will be the first time a Tesla car can carry that many people.

Model Y's EPA range of 315 miles is perhaps its best feature. A rating as high as this proves that this SUV is the most efficient of its time. You may notice a slightly diminished range in the performance model. However, it comes with improved top speed, lowered suspension, and twenty-inch wheels. Expect 230 miles driving range once the Standard Range variety becomes available.

While this car from Tesla has an interior that looks identical to the one in Model 3, it does not have the elaborate Falcon Wing doors that some people didn't like. That said, this car has a select few buttons and mostly relies on a massive infotainment display based on an easy-to-use dashboard. There's an all-glass roof on this car. It lends the cabin an airy mood. However, it is heavily tinted to make sure that occupants are safe from excessive sun exposure.

Cyber Truck

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According to the images that Tesla dropped online, its Cyber Truck looks like an otherworldly vehicle that you would only see in science fiction. However, it is more than capable of challenging almost every pickup truck out there. The company made this car's sharp exterior from dent-proof and scratch-resistant stainless steel. The vehicle is as tough as it gets.

Its all-wheel drive can tow around 13000 pounds with ease. Plus, its extraordinary 500+ mile driving range all but guarantees that it will surpass almost every vehicle in terms of driving features.Add that to its three-motor model;the car will reach 4 miles per hour within three to four seconds.

The Cyber Truck could also prove to be an excellent vehicle for off-roaders with its departure angle of 28 degrees, and 35 degrees approach angle.

According to speculation, the Cyber truck's cheapest variation will start at almost $40,000. Also, there are no official reports regarding when this vehicle will officially be available for sale. What we do know so far is that the company will start mass-production in the later months of 2021.

What’s most interesting, Tesla clearly have special designs on heavy-duty vehicle market with very first heavy trucks scheduled to get off the assembly line in the late 2020. The intriguing Tesla Semi is going to reportedly have a 805 km range on full charge. Beyond that, revolutionary new batteries will enable to cover 640 km after an 80% charge. It’s too early to tell, but that might be a tremendous breakthrough for the whole heavy vehicle industry. At this point, a solar-powered semi-truck "Teslacharger"charging station being utterly expensive entails great difficulty on the road to mass production. Nonetheless, it's glaringly obvious that Tesla will manage to find more cost-effective solutions over time.

Could Tesla grab the International Vehicle Market in the Future?

Tesla’s groundbreaking innovation in the automobile landscape continues to improve every year. With so many ingenious cars already available, expect to see a lot more unconventional models soon.

Some experts in the automobile industry have been speculating that if all of Tesla's proposed vehicle plans come to fruition, it could dominate the international vehicle market. As it’s abundantly clear, all of the company’s current and upcoming models offer more efficiency, have more durability, and are more environmentally friendly than most brands out there. It is hard to see anybody giving Tesla’s cars a run for their money any time soon. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a far stretch to assume that the company could indeed monopolize the car industry if others do not catch up to its modern and efficient ways.


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