Top 5 Biggest Combine Harvesters

Combine harvesters have saved humanity an awful lot of work and become a significant part of the global industrial revolution. As there is always space for perfection, the leading agricultural brands push the boundaries of harvest technologies with every produced combine series. You won’t meet random names in our compilation of the biggest combines up to date! Even those models, which chase the one setting the pace, can boast its unique advantageous features.

5. John Deere S690


Our starter, the John Deere S690, is a representative of the most experienced manufacturer of agricultural machinery from our list. The expertise of the globally recognised green-and-yellow brand allows its combine harvesters to prove all the promises, given by the creators. It is designed to cope with heavy and dense crops in record time. The S690 is able to pick up an impressive transport speed of 40 km/h. While at the field, it brings into play such features, original for John Deere harvesters, as Active Terrain Adjustment to preserve top performance driving uphill and downhill, active concave isolation to maintain high throughput in tough conditions and the new Hydraulic Fore Aft Tilt Feeder-house to gather down crop.

Quick Specs
Maximum Engine Power617
Weight Without Headers15,636 kg
Grain Tank Capacity14,100 l
Unload Rate135 l/sec
Emissions ComplianceTier 4 B/Final

4. Claas Lexion 780


The names of the German brands promise nothing less than top performance. And such a name as “Claas” sounds quite appealing to the ear of agricultural specialists.

The current benchmark in the Claas combine range is the Lexion 780. As it is stated, the model has been developed over 10 years and tested on 5 continents. So, it seems to have the potential of being an eco-friendly ‘commander-in-chief’ during harvesting campaigns. Apart from an environmentally advanced engine, the biggest Lexion features a 4D set-up for levelling the upper sieves when working on sloping ground. The system benefits from a third pair of rotor cover plates that open or close automatically in line with the pitch of the harvester. Besides, the fan speed and the sieve position are adjusted according to the machine’s moving up or downhill, to attain the optimum cleaning performance and avoid losses.

Quick Specs
Maximum Engine Power625
Weight Without Headers18,920 kg
Grain Tank Capacity13,500 l
Unload Rate130 l/sec
Emissions ComplianceTier 4 I/Interim

3. Claas Lexion 795


The very latest Lexion from Claas, labelled as Monster Limited Edition and distinguished by an unusual but stylish black-and-green paint, is merely a real dark horse in the Claas combines range. There is no official specification data but a couple of amateur videos and photos, supported by the comments from the impressed viewers and some lucky owners. Indeed, even a glimpse is enough to understand that you’re observing a powerful and mighty technological wonder.

2. Case IH 9240


The Case IH 9240 combine harvester is a real source of pride for its creators. Being the most powerful and productive model, made by the reputable red brand so far, it leads the 240-Series. The series was added to the brand’s Axial-Flow® combine range last year. The Axial-Flow represents a single rotor technology, which became a significant breakthrough in 1977, and has been progressively improved since then. As of today, it is claimed to ensure careful threshing, minimum losses, delicate grain handling and excellent grain quality.

A distinctive technological asset, offered with the Case IH 9240, is the highest unload rate, which reaches 158.6 l/sec. This is the best result among all the harvesters in the market. Other manufacturer’s accomplishments include the updated engine cooling system and vacuum aspirated rotating wand on the stationary air screen that ensure optimum engine efficiency even while harvesting in high-debris areas.

Quick Specs
Maximum Engine Power625
Weight Without Headers19,144 kg
Grain Tank Capacity14,448 l
Unload Rate158,6 l/sec
Emissions ComplianceTier 4 B/Final

1. New Holland CR10.90


And finally – the biggest, the most powerful, and on top of that, a member of the Guinness Book of Records as the most wheat harvested combine – all these epithets are about the CR10.90 from the range of New Holland combine harvesters.

To spread the weight of such a behemoth across the surface as evenly as possible, it takes advantage of a SmartTrax flexible track fitted with Terraglide suspension. The use of two pairs of hydraulic suspended rollers working independently to produce a silky smooth ride when harvesting is reinforced by a longer track length for a larger overall footprint for reduced field compaction and enhanced traction.

This exclusive 10-class harvester is an ideal purchase for large agricultural farms. There are no doubts of its top productivity after an amazing world record, set in August 2014 under real and not very favourable weather conditions. The CR10.90, equipped with a 13.7-metre draper header harvested 797.656 tonnes in 8 hours. The peak capacity reached 135 tonnes per hour, while the average result was 99.7 tonnes per hour.

Quick Specs
Maximum Engine Power653
Weight Without Headers24,600 kg
Grain Tank Capacity14,500 l
Unload Rate143 l/sec
Emissions ComplianceTier 4 B/Final


Ursinho agricole
2yr 1mo ago

in 2014 NH cr10.90 striking 14.500 l point was an obvious coup de grâce. tho Claas are pretty comitted to reach the level of 16-16.5 in the coming years. reportedly, they introduced the dual header system, which's supposed to solve the implied increase of capacity so the game is on

2yr 2mo ago

The Claas 770 capacity appears to be more of 14000-14500. That being sad, tank potency is described by the quantity of crop overloaded into a trailer with a basic quality. Atm Claas still holds this record.

Darryl Moose
2yr 2mo ago

Harvesting technology at its finest getting embodied in enjoyable videos. Time to deploy 870s series for Claas!

2yr 2mo ago

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سالم بركه
2yr 2mo ago

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2yr 2mo ago

Awesome farming machines :)

Thomas Reed
2yr 2mo ago

eeeek, they look fast sharp and furious

Phoenix phenix
2yr 2mo ago

Good write-up, thanks for posting. IH 9240 brings back nice memories about Express 625 series when I was a kid and watched Case harvesting soybeans in the field near my house. The roar of that engine is what was unmistakable.

2yr 2mo ago

Fantastic equipment. Also showing in slowmo definately suits harvesters.

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