Top 5 Military Trucks

Top 5 Military Trucks

Many people think that military vehicles are the greatest vehicles ever built. First, because there is almost no chance to experience what it feels like to drive one (unless you are a military for sure). Second, these machines are built to protect you from both nuclear assault and zombie takeover. So we've decided to make this dream come true for a moment and have come up with a list of some of the most impressive military trucks ever created - from mine-resistant ambush protected Ural Typhoon to the launcher transporter MZKT-79221. Check out technical awesomeness of these top 5 military trucks! Offer your candidates in the comments below, we'll consider and include it in the list!

5. Ural Typhoon


The Ural-63095 (widely known as Typhoon-U) was produced by Ural Automotive Plant in 2014 to meet the needs of the Russian Army for an all-terrain armored vehicle. It represents the Typhoon family of Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles. The developers engineered their creation to withstand anti-tank mine blasts of up to 8 kg of TNT. Thus, it even surpasses BTR armored personnel carriers. Apart from providing all-round ballistic protection, this defender-on-wheels is equipped with its own weapon system that includes a machine gun up to 14,5 mm caliber. So, it can be as violent as the storm, which name it takes. Probably, this similarity has contributed to the fact that it easily operates at extreme weather conditions in a temperature range from -50 ºC to +50 ºC.

Weight24 tons
Engine/CapacityJAMZ-5367 turbodiesel/ 450 hp
Axle configuration6x6
Operational range1800 km
Speed105 km/h

4. Oshkosh m1070


The Oshkosh M1070 is the result of a U.S. Army special order. It was manufactured for M1 Abrams main battle tank transportation. The M1000 semi-trailer by DRS Technologies completes this mission. Unlike the previous tank transporters the M1070 can carry both the tank and its crew.

The tractor truck features such advanced characteristics as engine control system (to guarantee maximum efficiency despite the conditions), an "air ride" rear suspension (to enable all axles remain in contact with the ground even in case of rough terrain), a central tyre inflation system (to regulate tire pressure and lock-up depending on the terrain: highway, cross-country, mud /snow, emergency).

On top of that, this military vehicle system is air-transportable. For such purposes the United States Air Force has C-5 and C-17 aircrafts in its fleet.

Weight18,6 tons
Engine/CapacityDetroit Diesel Model 8V-92TA DDEC II/ 500 hp
Axle configuration8x8
Operational range520 km
Speed72 km/h

3. Oshkosh LSVR


The letters LSVR stand for the Logistics Vehicle System Replacement designed by Oshkosh Defense for the US Marine Corps. The system consists of 3 heavy high mobility trucks (the MKR 15 wrecker, the MKR 16 tractor, the MKR 18 cargo vehicle) to perform whatever the mission requires. The trucks have been in service since 2009 and already managed to get experience in Afghanistan.

The LSVR boasts unmatched mobility. It is provided by 5-axle arrangement (with two front and two back steerable axles) that reduces the turning radius to 25 m. As a result, there are different transportability options (amphibious and commercial ships, rail, C-5A and C-17 aircrafts).

WeightMKR15 Wrecker: 30,7 tons
MKR16 Tractor: 22,5 tons
MKR18 Cargo Vehicle: 24 tons
Engine/CapacityCaterpillar C15 diesel/ 600 hp
Axle configuration10x10
Operational range480 km
Speed105 km/h

2. SLT 50 Elefant


As for the German Army, it prefers to have representatives of fauna in their arsenal. The Elefant is a heavy duty tractor unit with a tank transporter. It has been in service since the distant 1976. Nowadays, the upgraded version (the 50-3) is utilized. Initially, this vehicle was designed to haul main battle tanks (such as the Leopard MBT). That is why the load capacity of a semi-trailer makes up an impressive number – 52 tonnes.

The SLT 50-3 is the product made by the cooperation of Faun GmbH (the heavy tractor) and Friedrich Krupp AG (the tank transport semi-trailer). This duo with all-wheel control system effectively performs long distance hauls with no exceptions for off-road conditions.

Weight22,8 tons
Engine/CapacityDeutz MWM diesel TBD 234 V12/ 744 hp
Axle configuration8x8
Operational range600 km
Speed65 km/h

1. MZKT-79221


This is a special wheeled chassis for the Russian intercontinental ballistic missile Topol-M. The missile is capable of maneuvering during the flight. Its fire range is about 11 000 km. So, to carry such a thing is an extremely responsible task. The production of a mobile vehicle was entrusted to Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant, which came up to the expectations.

The long wheelbase frame chassis consists of 8 axles with steerable wheels (apart from the 4th and the 5th axles). It is equipped with a four-stroke turbocharged engine, independent hydro pneumatic suspension and disk wheels with demountable rims.

The specialized MZKT-79221 is intended to perform operations on all type of roads and under the severest weather conditions.

Weight44 tons
Engine/CapacityJAMZ-847.10 turbodiesel/ 800 hp
Axle configuration16×16/12
Operational range500 km
Speed45 km/h


Sárközi Sándor
1mo 25d ago

A kicsik! gaz 66, Pinzgauer, Csepel , Unimog,? .....

5yr ago

Holly cow. are these trucks available for purchasing? afaik, oshkosh is the property of american goverment.

5yr 1mo ago

have always been a fan of russian military vehicles. Awesome!

Mikey 36312
5yr 1mo ago

well would be pretty stressful to drive them)

5yr 2mo ago

bugger me, mzkt or oshkosh leapfrogging rio grande on some truck rally would be hilarious.

5yr 2mo ago

جايلكم يوم وانا وراكم والزمنه طويل

5yr 2mo ago

Not very likely. How could you have imagined that? Due to mission these vehicles are supposed to come down on the worst off road conditions from any part of the world like beasts hence the only civil referrence might be a camel trophy.

Redneck Rick
5yr 2mo ago

these trucks do have any civil prototypes, eh?

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