Utility/ Special vehicles

Municipal vehicles are the vehicles intended for urban economy, roads and other infrastructure (for instance, electrical or phone lines and electrical transmission lines) support. Municipal vehicles or engineering on the whole can be classified on the basis of actual functions: such as garbage removal, cleaning of streets, trees processing and pruning or solid and liquid municipal waste removal. The configuration of such vehicles may vary, as well as special attachments, the type of the standard and auxiliary drive and the power of the power pack may be different. There are garbage compactors, sewage systems cleaning vehicles, dirty water pumping vehicles, sprinkling trucks and motor street-washers, breakdown and repair trucks, tanker trucks for liquid waste, garbage removal vehicles (including vacuum sweeping trucks), deicing trucks, sewer flushing vehicles and car lift vehicles. Also, special engineering designs able to carry out specified tasks are available upon request.

The appearance and further development of municipal vehicles can be related to the industrial revolution and urbanization. The emerging problems, such as insanitation and traffic safety, set up strict requirements for the designers and constructors of municipal vehicles. Nowadays standard medium-duty or low-duty trucks, able to move freely in urban areas, are used for these purposes. Garbage trucks are produced on the basis of MAN TGS, Volvo FM, FL, DAF 75 and Mercedes Benz Atego trucks. They possess a standard 6x4 or 6x6 wheel drive and are equipped with diesel 230-330 HP engines. The load-carrying capability of such trucks reaches approximately 15 tons. Often trucks are fitted with a compressor, which enables using the container to the maximum degree.

Vehicles used for cleaning of streets are another well-spread type of municipal vehicles. These vehicles vary greatly on technical grounds: they may be equipped with the engines reaching up to 200 HP and the load-carrying capability can be around 10 tons and less. The trucks can be also equipped with frontal circular blades that deliver garbage into the container. That’s a peculiarity of such sweeping trucks, by the way. What’s more, these blades can be located in a transversal way in the middle section of the truck.